Milk cooling tank
milk cooling tank 2000 ltr
milk cooling tank 2000 ltr

milk cooling tank 2000 ltr

Stainless steel 2000 LTR milk cooling tank 2000L fresh milk receiving storage tank

Product description


Milk Cooling Tank Product Introduction:

The Milk cooling tank is the primary supporting equipment for mechanized pasture milking. It is better suited for manual milking ranches and milk collection stations. The fresh milk is cooled and stored in the dairy factory. It primarily cools and holds fresh milk but can also cool and keep other liquid materials. Straight wall large-area cooling, using a fully automatic control system and a one-step observation operation, so that cold raw milk quickly drops to the required temperature °C and the constant temperature is renewed. Prevent bacterial growth and keep raw milk in A-grade condition.

The tank body, blender, refrigeration unit, and electric control are the main components of the straight-cooling milk tank.

1. The tank wall employs an advanced honeycomb Miller plate evaporator to exchange heat with the milk directly.

2. Refrigeration Compressor Imports The American Copeland fully enclosed compressor unit, as well as the imported expansion valve and solenoid valve, are outfitted with a dependable midpoint protector, which prevents the compressor from being burned due to overload or system failure.

3. The tanks are all made of SUS304 or 316 stainless steel and are outfitted with automatic pressurized rotary cleaning CIP sprinklers and an automatic mixing device.

4. The insulation layer comprises 60-80mm polyurethane foam and performs well in heat insulation.

5. Separated into vertical and horizontal sections. The fully automatic microcomputer control system observes the operation in a single step, allowing the cold raw milk to be quickly reduced to the required temperature while maintaining a constant temperature.

*Following specification can be adjusted according to your usage/requirement. 

*If you have drawing/details/photos of tank, please
kindly provide to us, we can produce and design your required tank.


2000L(cutomized volume)


Milk and other beverage


Stainless steel 304(Optional 316/316L)


2600*1150*1480mm(horizontal type )

The machine set power


Manhole opening


Refrigerating capacity

6000 kcal/hour

Mixer power


Mixing speed

36 R/Min


380V,3- Phase


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