Mixing Tank
battery slurry mixer
battery slurry mixer

battery slurry mixer

The Battery Slurry Mixer is a high-efficiency mixing device designed for the battery manufacturing industry for the mixing of electrode slurries in the battery manufacturing process

Product description


Li- Ion Battery LiFePO4 Polymer Slurry Mixing tank Battery slurry mixer for lithium ion battery industry

The preparation of positive and negative slurry includes a series of technological processes such as the mutual mixing, dissolution, and dispersion of liquid and liquid, liquid and solid materials, the JBG-3 Series tank provides perfect solution during these proceses.


It is a kind of  mixing tank with high shear dispenser  ,widely used for lithium ion battery industry.

Capacity: 500L to 5000L  


This equipment Is Equipped with jacket and high shear mixer , Special design to ensure clean production requirements.

During the design, we fully consider the factors such as rotation speed of stirrers, mixing power, dispersion linear speed, suspending grade, liquid flow pattern and distribution of turbulence intensity inside of vessel, reinforced twist stirrer can deal with high viscosity battery slurry.

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