Mixing Tank

A mixing tank, also called a stirred tank, is a vessel in which two or more substances are mixed by stirring. Mixing tanks are commonly used in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries and are often equipped with a motorized stirrer and an agitator. Mixing tanks can also heat or cool a substance, and are often used to hold a mixture of liquids and solids.

How do mixing tanks work?

The stainless steel mixing tank can stir and mix the materials quickly. The dispersion plate makes the material flow in a ring shape at high speed, generating a solid vortex and spiraling down to the bottom of the vortex. The strong shear impact and friction between the particles achieve rapid dispersion and dissolution function. The stirring disk produces better radial force through circular motion, accelerating material circulation and improving dispersion efficiency, the processing technology of emulsifying machine head, and the high cooperation between the rotor and stator. The strong motor carries out the high-speed rotation to form a vacuum between the rotor and stator, and the material is sucked from the top and bottom of the rotor and stator. The vital kinetic energy of stainless steel mixing tank makes the rotor produce high linear velocity, so that the material between the gap of the rotor and stator after a strong impact, crushing, centrifugal, liquid layer friction, shear shot out, under the action of a variety of different directional forces, resulting in a solid turbulent flow. 

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Principle of structural design:

Generally, a blending container is a vertical round vessel consisting of a head cover, container body, and container bottom. It is set up on a platform via support. The storage tank body can offer a particular room for mixing under the specified operating temperature and stress.
A stainless steel storage tank is outfitted with various devices for different purposes to satisfy additional technical requirements or the needs of the tank's very own structure. It is required to mount the coat outside the container or colors inside the storage tank to give or eliminate the response warmth, since the warmth always accompanies the material throughout the response procedure. To connect the speed reducer and also the shaft seal, a base needs to be welded on a head cover; to overhaul the interior components, feed and also discharge efficiently, maintenance holes, Handholds, as well as various tubes should be mounted and also bonded; to observe and also regulate material's temperature, pressure, and liquid elevation successfully, the thermometer, stress gauge, degree, scale, view glass as well as relief gadgets must be set up.
Occasionally, it is needed to set up the baffle and draft tube to transform the flow pattern of the product, increase the blending intensity, and strengthen the mass transfer and heat transfer.


1. The component exposed to the product, inner container, and various other elements are made from SUS304 and SUS316L. Other members take on SUS304.

2. The mirror of the inner container is dealt with by brightening, and its roughness is equal to or less than 0.4 um.

3. The mixing tank is done at a variable or constant speed according to various capabilities and technical requirements. The frequency control can read the stirring rate, input regularity, input multiple others, and present information online.

4. The mixing tool can decrease the sound working state. The national standard is less than 75 dB(A). The running noise is less than 40 dB when the procedure of material in an electric home heating blending tank accomplishes the stability of the stirring load.

Mixing Tank