Mixing Tank
Jacketed Mixing Tank
Jacketed Mixing Tank

Double Jacketed Mixing Tank

Jacketed mixing tanks are used in a wide range of industries because they allow for precise temperature control of the tank s contents

Product description


The jacket of a mixing tank can be divided into half pipe jacket and full jacket; the full jacket is the most common jacket way of tank equipment; full jacket is made of the inner and outer cylinder body group welded together, the middle to form a circulation space of 2-7.5 cm, in the jacket can be passed into the heat conduction or cooling medium, can be heat exchange or cooling effect on the internal material of the tank; half pipe jacket is made of The distance between the tube, and the line is controlled at 30-50 mm, the half-tube jacket has a high heat exchange efficiency, and the coiled tube also strengthens the equipment. A jacketed mixing tank is to add one or more layers of the shell at the tank's periphery; this layer of the body and the tank will have a specific flow space between them; this flowing space can be heated, cooled, or insulated by different types of materials inside the tank. If the customer customization is an electric heating or insulation mixing tank, the tank will generally be designed with a jacket on top.

The jacketed mixing tank's operation

A jacketed mixing tank is used to fix various vessels; there are various stirring blades to choose from, each suitable for a different process requirement. It generally employs a double-end mechanical seal with a self-lubricating system that does not require frequent maintenance and provides stable performance. It is suitable for stirring, mixing, dissolving, dispersing, and color-mixing various materials. The ideal mixing, dispersing, and other multifunctional equipment with simple operation and high adaptability. The stirring slurry leaves are driven by the power unit and rotate in a fixed direction; during rotation, the material is forced to do axial and radial rotation. Because the material in the mixer moves axially and circumferentially, several types of mixing co-occur, such as shear and diffusion. It can effectively disperse and stir the material.


Double-jacketed mixing tanks are used in various chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. They provide superior chemical and corrosion resistance and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. 

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