Mixing Tank
Stainless steel mixer tank
Stainless steel mixer tank

Stainless steel blending mixer tank

Stainless steel blending mixer tank for liquid beverage insulated mixing tank Dispensing tank

Product description



Stainless steel mixing tank is widely used in such industries of coatings, pharmaceuticals, building materials, chemicals, pigments, resins, food, scientific research and etc. The equipment can be made of stainless steel 304L or 316L according to requirements of users' products, also heating and cooling devices are optional to meet different needs of production and process. Jacket can be dimple type or coil type. The equipment has features of reasonable structure design, advanced technology and durable, simple operation and convenient use. It is an ideal processing equipment with less investment, quick operation and high profit.



It has the functions of heating, mixing, scraping, rotating at different speeds and vacuum supply. It has a very wide application

1.Cosmetics: Skin cream, hair gel, lotion, liquid soap, shampoo, etc.

2.Food: Jam, chocolate, sauce, etc.

3.Pharmacy: Ointment, syrup, paste,etc.

4.Chemicals: Painting, adhesive, detergent.etc.



*Material of the tank: SS304, SS316L, 2205, Ti etc

*Capacity from 500L to 30000L

*Customized Mixing System: Our customized mixing solutions are extremely versatile. There are various agitator options of stainless steel mixing tank: impeller type, Anchor type, Turbine type, Dispenser , High shear emulsifier, magnetic mixer etc.

*The jacketed mixing tank can be with full jacket or Dimple jacket or coils. Heating method can be steam/electric heating;

*The inside surface finish of stainless steel mixing tank is Mirror polished, Ra<0.4um. The welding is polished to ground smooth.

*It can be equipped with temperature gauge, level gauge etc according to client’s demand.


Have different kinds of agitators: ( Other Stirrer can be customized )


*Bottom magnetic agitator with propeller impeller, speed from 50-400rpm or 50-800rpm. this kind of agitator is mixing thin viscosity , such as eyedrop, injection, CIP liquid, water, etc.

*Top mechancial agitator with propeller impeller, speed at fix 71rpm or adjustable 20-200rpm or special requirement. this kind of agitator is mixing syrup, injection, blood, oral liquid, culture media, etc.

 *Top mechanical agitator with anchor or frame impeller, speed is from 10-70rpm. it is mixing higher viscosity , such as sediment or viscosity oral liquid, etc, It can be equipped with scraper when the material is thick.

*Top homogenizer, speed max 2900rpm for small vessel. this kind of agitator can be used for high viscosity material, such as suspension, oil, fat emulsification, cream , paint etc.

 *Bottom homogenizer, speed max 2900rpm. this kind of agitator is mixing most high viscosity , such as suspension, oil, fat emulsification , etc.


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