Mixing Tank
High Shear Emulsifying Tank
High Shear Emulsifying Tank

High Shear Emulsifying Tank/Homogenizer/Dispenser for high viscous products

China Hot sale jacketed tank 500L 1000L ,3000L 8000L mixing tank stainless steel high shear emulsifying tank for adhesive, pain, lotion, scream, liquid soap etc

Product description




Under the centrifugal force produced by the high speed and strong rotating rotor, the stainless steel emulsifying tank throws the material from the radial direction into the narrow and precise gap between the stator and rotor, at the same time by centrifugal extrusion, impact and other forces, so that the material is dispersed, mixed, emulsified. The stainless steel emulsifying tank of our company has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, easy operation, low noise and smooth operation, etc. Its biggest characteristic is that it does not grind the medium in the production process, and integrates high speed shear, dispersion, homogenization, mixing and crushing.

At the same time, the high shear emulsifying tank also has the functions of heating, cooling, heat preservation and stirring. The tank is designed with material inlet, pure water outlet, discharge port, sampling port and so on, which can provide the whole condition of emulsification process. After emulsification, the direct steam can be turned on to achieve sterilization and disinfection function. At the same time, after the process of high temperature emulsification is finished. If cooling is required, the discharge valve can be opened after cooling.

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