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Beverage Mixing Tank
Beverage Mixing Tank

Beverage Mixing Tank: The Perfect Solution for Large-Scale Bever

A beverage mixing tank is an innovative solution for the beverage industry that can help reduce costs and improve efficiency

Product description


A beverage mixing tank is an innovative solution for the beverage industry that can help reduce costs and improve efficiency. The tank is designed to mix various beverages, such as soda, beer, and wine, and can be used in small and large-scale production. The tank can mix different drinks, such as soda, beer, and wine, and can be used in both small and large-scale production. 

Tank Specification:

Steam heating type / how water heating type / can be cooled by tap water.

Stainless steel jacket.

It is made of three layers with temperature insulation.

Agitation scrapers sweep the inner surface of the mixing tank.

Mixing capacity from 100Liter to 20,000Liter.

Or mixing capacity from 100Gallon to 5000Gallon.

Mixing speed can be 36rpm, 750rpm, or adjustable speed; the speed can be variable.

Product Advantage:

They are made of stainless steel, suitable for food and beverage production.

Designed with a jacket, it allows for hot water or steam heating and tap water cooling.

With temperature gauge

CIP friendly.

Field of Application:

It can be used as a liquid storage tank, blending vessel, temporary storage tank, buffer tank, water storage tank, etc.

Ideal for food, dairy processing, fruit juice beverages, pharmaceutical, beer, and wine brewing, and chemical and biological engineering industries.

Construction & Configuration:

Double wall contstruction

The two walls make up the jacket which allowed hot water and cooling water to pass through.

Conical bottom, easy to discharge

Sealed top, sanitary and prevent dirt in air fly in the tank effectively

Interior welds are ground smooth, passivated, and polished. Transitional areas are made into arc-shaped blends to ensure no dead zones of sanitation.

Various types of CIP cleaners.

Vortex breaker/baffles.

Liquid level probe and level controller (as per customer requirements.)

Temperature probe (as per customer requirements.)

Quick opening, manway. 

Sanitary breathing cover to keep out flies and insects.

Agitator (as per customer requirements.)

Dismountable inlet pipe assembly.

Main Features

1. Container with high-temperature insulation materials, anti-aging polyurethane foam, or EPE.

2. The interface uses the international standard ISO quick chuck, liner made of imported stainless steel SUS316L or SUS304 manufacturing, the inner surface of the mirror-polished to Ra≤0.4m, the outer surface of the cast matte, glossy, matt sandblasted or cold colors.

3. Agitator seal imported sanitary mechanical seals or magnetic stirring sealed stirring device, stirring speed optional.

4. The nozzle has a level gauge port (static pressure, capacitive, non-contact, ultrasonic, glass tube), mouth breathing air, thermometer (digital display or dial type), CIP cleaning mouth, depending on the mirror, depending on the light-proof (as endoscopic light integration), SIP sterilization mouth, and out of the liquid inlet and health maintenance hole.

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