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milk bulk tanks

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Product description


Bulk Milk Cooling Tank with Refrigerating Unit  is suitable for the manual milking farms and milk collection station cooling, collecting, storing fresh milk, also it can be used for dairy products, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries in other liquid cooling and storage.

1.  The cooling mixing and storage tank consist of tank body, agitator, refrigerating unit and control box.

2.  The tank body is made of 304 or 316L stainless steel.

3.  The internal surface of the tank is polishing.

4.  Insulation layer is good for keeping cool.

Bulk Milk Cooling Tank with Refrigerating Unit ’s Characteristics

1. It is a kind of stainless steel tank with beautiful shape, compact structure and high degree of automation.

2. It can not only save energy, but also keep the liquid cream for a long time in A state of low temperature preservation.


1.  Structure:vertical and horizontal

2.  Capacity:100L-12000L

3.  The tank body is all made of SUS304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel.

4.  With pressurized automatic rotating CIP cleaning head and automatic stirring device.

5.  The tank wall adopts advanced honeycomb Miller plate evaporator and milk heat exchange refrigeration.

6.  Refrigeration compressor set uses a high-performance, power-saving fully enclosed compressor equipped with a reliable protector. The motor will not be burned due to overload or system failure.

7.  Insulation layer 5CM is made of thick polyurethane foam with good thermal insulation performance.

Process steps of milk bulk tanks

The 36 ℃ milk output from the milker is cooled to 10 ° in the instant of entering the cold tank, and it is immediately reduced to 4-6 ℃ after entering the tank, greatly improving the quality of dairy products, ensuring the acidity and freshness of milk in the quick cooling tank, making the transport tank truck transport milk at any time, avoiding waiting for a long time, and the 24-hour temperature rise will not exceed 1.5 ℃

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