Milk cooling tank
milk cooling tank 200 ltr
milk cooling tank 200 ltr

milk cooling tank 200 ltr

High quality Commercial stainless steel milk cooling tank 200 ltr for sale

Product description


The milk cooling tanks is widely used milk and also milk to maintain the milk fresh as well as much easier for storage space. The milk colder container generally made up of cooling conditioning container, the mixer, the refrigeration system, and also the control box.

milk cooling tank


1.Solid and durable stainless steel. Refined steel makes acid and alkali resistant and does not rust long service life;

2.Structural Form. Complete specifications of vertical/horizontal refrigerating cabinet.

3.Large Capacity special capacity. 50L-10,000L various capacity specifications to meet your needs.

4.Imported cereal wheel Compressor. Imported cereal wheel compressor is adopted, which has good refrigeration effect, stable performance and long service life.

5.Microporous full foaming. High density of polyurethane foam layer, good thermal insulation and cold locking effect.

6.Microcomputer Control. Full-automatic microcomputer control system, one-step observation and operation.


The unitary milk cooling tank is suitable for store and cooling fresh milk at pasture, small milk station, dairy products plant, foodstuff, forage, medicine, factory store and cooling liquid materials etc.


milk cooling tank 200 ltr







(Customized according to customer requirements)


Minimum 2~4℃



Refrigeration unit


Needs prior to installation

Throughout the dealing with process, take care not to tilt the equipment over 30 Rear, front and also ° to avoid the device from damaging the device. Inspect the box prior to opening up the package. When the equipment is packed, the cooling agent has actually been added. During the transport as well as storage space process, it is not allowed to open the shutoff of a number of teams of compressed groups.

Installment of tanks

After the container is in an area, readjust the sustaining foot bolts so that the storage tank is slanted in the direction of the electrical outlet end, yet the turning should not be too huge. The ideal as well as left tilt can be changed to the left as well as ideal feet with a straight range, so that the left and right are not tilted left and also.

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