Milk cooling tank
yogurt production line
yogurt production line

Small scale yogurt production line

A yogurt production line is a food processing line that is used to produce yogurt The line typically consists of a series of machines that pasteurize milk, mix in yogurt cultures, incubate the yogurt, and package it

Product description


Description of the Function

The following steps are involved in the production of yogurt: milk collection, purification, sterilization, homogenization (fermentation), cooling, filling, and refrigeration.

This production line is used to make yogurt fermented milk. The production line of various specifications can be tailored to the needs and output of the customer. The production line includes milk collection, blending, homogenization, sterilization, fermentation, cooling, filling, and CIP systems.

Description of the Application Field

This Small scale yogurt production line equipment is widely used for determining and updating the original formula of fresh milk, soy milk, biopharmaceuticals, soy products, liquid condiments, and other products, as well as product taste screening, color evaluation, stabilizer/emulsifier application, new product development, and batch processing. Milk product manufacturing. This pasteurizer for production combines heating, sterilization, cooling, and hot filling.

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