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Dual Shaft Mixer
Dual Shaft Mixer

Dual Shaft Mixer

A dual shaft disperser is the best tool for mixing and dispersing viscous liquids because it can generate high shear and low shear forces simultaneously

Product description


A high-speed disperser and high-speed dispersion mixer to dissolve, disperse and mix materials with different viscosity. 

Through the toothed disc's very high peripheral tip speed, the strong shearing, crashing, and friction forces generated between the materials and toothed disc disperse, dissolve and mixe the materials efficiently. 

The immense stress forces break down the agglomerates into the liquid or paste suspension, and solid particles are wetted out. With cover matching with its container to avoid dust flying, materials splashing, and volatilization of solvent products during dispersing. Easy operation, safe and convenient. 

The dual shaft disperser is suitable for stirring and dispersing two or many kinds of liquid and powder materials. Double impellers disperse the solid-liquid phase at the same time, effectively reducing the material following up and accelerating the dispersing result and quality

Dual Shaft Mixer Features

Functioning capability from 200L to 10000L;

Ideal for paste and solutions above 10,000 cps viscosity;

Strong dispersion by top mounted dispersers;

Solid homogenization by leading entry batch homogenizer;

The outer structure agitator has a triangle style for boosted blending;

Variable rate for agitator and also disperser or homogenizer;

Dual jackets for heating and cooling;

The complete procedure of blending, dissolving, spreading, emulsifying, co-opting, heating, and cooling in one device;

Various jacket layouts are readily available for vapor as well as electrical heating;

Dual temperature probes and controllers for electric home heating in mixing storage tank;

Vacuum cleaner system to get the air bubbles throughout mixing as well as to move the components;

All call parts are made from SS304/316L and mirror brightened;

The specs of the vacuum twin shaft mixer adhere to cGMP guidelines;

Switch control panel for simple operation;

The power supply of 380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase;

1) Multi modes of agitators ----- suitable requirements of various materials and production technologies; 

2) Stainless steel body, easy to clean, high anti-resistance, long service life;

3) Can be all SS to meet GMP requirements in food/pharmacy industries;

4) Adopting advanced world famous brand components: ABB/ Siemens motor, Schneider/ Danfoss inverter, Schneider electric components, NSK bearing, etc.

5) Optional: vacuum, heating by jacket/coil pipe, insulation, hydraulic lifting, etc.


Cosmetics: cream, lotion, wax, mascara, gel, toothpaste;

Pharmaceuticals: lotion, oral compound, syrup, shot;

Food: mayonnaise, clothing, jam, butter, margarine, wasabi;

Chemicals: polyester, artificial fiber, slurry, shoe cream;

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