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Toothpaste Making Machine
Toothpaste Making Machine

Toothpaste Making Machine

A toothpaste making machine is a device that helps to automatically mix the required ingredients in order to prepare toothpaste This machine is also known as a toothpaste mixer It is a very important device in the process of toothpaste manufacturing

Product description


Toothpaste-making machines are an essential part of the toothpaste manufacturing process. Without them, it would be impossible to produce the large quantities of toothpaste needed to meet consumer demand. These machines are responsible for mixing the ingredients, measuring the correct amount of each component, and then packaging the toothpaste into tubes or other containers.

Toothpaste-making machines can be classified into two main types: those that mix the ingredients and those that package the toothpaste. The former type of machine is known as a mixer and the latter as a filler. Each type of machine has its own unique set of components and functions.

Vacuum toothpaste machine

It applies to the production of ointment products in cosmetic and pharmaceutical factories. Especially for materials with high matrix viscosity and solid content, emulsification preparation is more effective.

The unit adopts upper coaxial three heavy-duty agitators, hydraulic lifting and opening cover, fast homogenizing agitator speed: 0-3600r / min (variable frequency speed regulation), slow wall scraping agitator speed: 0-63r / min (variable frequency speed regulation), slow wall scraping mixing is automatically close to the bottom and border of the pot.

Vacuum suction is adopted to avoid dust flying, especially for powder materials. The whole process is carried out under a vacuum to prevent bubbles after high-speed mixing of materials, which can meet hygiene and sterility requirements. The unit is manufactured in full compliance with GMP requirements.

Toothpaste Making PROCESS FLOW

Toothpaste Making Machine

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