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paint production line
paint production line

paint production line

A paint production line is composed of a series of machines that work together to produce paint

Product description


A paint production line is a process in which the paint is manufactured in a factory. The method of paint 

production line includes:

Mixing the raw materials.

Heating the mixture.

Cooling the mix.

Packaging the finished product.

The paint production line is a critical process in the paint industry.

Many factors affect the efficiency of the paint production line. The most crucial factor is the type of paint production line. There are two types of paint production lines: batch paint production line and continuous paint production line. The straight paint production line is more efficient than the collection paint production line. The

As we know, in the process of daily paint production, the solid pigments are usually mixed with the liquid paint paste and various additives, trim materials, etc., so that the products made have a certain degree of fluidity, which is convenient to enter the next step of finer grinding and dispersion. This mixing in the batching process of paint production is also called mixing or pre-dispersion.

The role of pre-dispersion is as follows three points.

One 、 Mixing various pigments and liquid paint slurry evenly.

Two 、 To make the paint paste replace part of the air adsorbed on the surface of pigment particles so that the pigment can be partially wetted.

Three、 to make the large pigment particles initially depolymerized to shorten the next step of grinding and dispersion of person-hours and improve distribution efficiency.

This process, although called mixing, also has a dispersion effect.

Paint mixing tank Main Features

1) It applies to small, middle, large scale production, output from 1000-50,000 tons one year

2) The material which contact with the product is stainless steel, ss304 or 316L

3) The vessel is mirror polished outside and inside, making the vessel easy to clean and will

not have residual, with different thicknesses for different volumes.

4) Configuration: according to different output and the particle size you need, we will equip you with

a high-speed disperser, Bead Mill and paint color agitator, filter, and automatic filling machine.

5) Installation: Our professional technician will come to your factory to install the whole system.

6) Debug: After installation, we are in charge of debugging.

7) Training: Our engineer will train your workman about the operation and attention matters.

8) Maintenance: We have a strong service term; our engineer will solve your problem as earlier as possible

Equipment for paint-making Features:

1. Sealessness, Eco-friendly

2. Highly Automatic, Easy operation;

3. Efficient and energy saving

4. Wide range of applications: acrylic emulsion, primers, top finish painting, elastic flat paint, waterproof coating, wall

painting inner and outer, interior and exterior, high, medium, and low end, etc

5. Annual production up to 2000~300 tons;

6. Painting fineness reaches 15 mm or less

7. Mirror surface polishing for all stainless steel parts makes them delightful and shining; vacuum operation

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