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300 gallon mash tun
300 gallon mash tun

300 gallon mash tun with false bottom for sale

SUS304 steam heated 300 gallon mash tun with false bottom & lauter tun for sale

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The mashing step of beer production is vital to creating the proper balance of malt and water. As such, every effective brewery must have a stainless steel mash tun that is up to the task. Designed to carefully mix ground grist with your supply of temperature-controlled water, this process is particular and key to the final product’s quality. At Wenzhou Ace Machinery Co., Ltd, we go the extra mile to ensure our mash tanks are everything your facility could ever need. We understand that every brewery’s specifications are unique; therefore, we work hard to find the right-fitting equipment for each of our customers. For more information about these machines and how we can assist you in growing your facilities, give us a call at the number below.

300 gallon mash tun & lauter tun

(1) Capacity: 300 gallon 

(2) Diameter and height accordign to the customer requirements 

(3) Material: Stainless steel (304 or 316L) 

(4) Tank shell thickness: 2mm or more( according to the design or customer required) 

(5) Pressure(Mpa): Atmospheric pressure— Middle pressure(According to the Chinese Design Standard) 

(6)Function: brewhouse

(7) Tank surface: The original surface of the stainless steel plate 

(8) MIxing: Top side or bottom mixing 

(9) General accessories: Manhole, CIP, respirator, sight glass, mixing 

(10)Manufacture standard: Chinese Pressure Vessel Design and Making Standard 

(11)Adopt structure of internal tank, jacket and external package, with heat preservation materials inside. 

(12) Materials are all sanitary stainless steel. 

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