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Wine Fermenter Tank
Wine Fermenter Tank

Wine Fermenter Tank

Stainless Steel Red Fruit Wine Fermentation Tank Equipment Wine Making Machine Wine Fermenter Tank,sparkling wine tank

Product description



Ace Factory Customized 100-20000 Liters Stainless Steel Red Wine Fermentation Tank With Chiller Fruit Fermenter tanks/Sparkling wine tank/Floating lid wine fermenter

Product Description

1. Used as storage and fermentation tank in wine industries

2. Volume from 50L-30000L could be customized according to customer needs

3. Material use sanitary stainless steel.

4. Conical bottom shape, the cooling jacket could adopt dimple jacket, arched and corrugated access jacket.

5. PLC/PID control system, which could achieve automatic, semi-automatic control to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of parameters and experimental results.



Polishing is vital for tanks. Tanks should be polished wholly inside and outside. 

Therefore it can ensure there is no place for the bacteria to hide in tanks.

Our polishing system consists of auto and semi-auto polishing machines and manual polishing. 

Each tank is polished three times, and more polish for the key place. 


Our argon central system for welding provides 100% pure argon to protect tanks from distorting during welding.



The tank has wide usage: for white wine, red wine, sparkling wine fermentation, and storage.


We have sealed wine tanks, Variable Capacity Wine Tanks, Wine Fermentation Tanks, sparkling wine tanks, insulated wine tanks, square wine tanks etc

It can be designed as a flat,sloped bottom, conical bottom, or ellipse bottom according to different materials,

It can be designed as a floating lid or fixed type top; 

The wine tank can be designed as a pressure vessel for sparkling wine fermentation.

The tank can be designed with/without a dimple jacket /coil jacket or with insulation according to detailed requirements.



1. Capacity: 1 BBL to 300 BBL, or customized

2. Warranty: 12 months

3. Interior shell: 304 stainless steel or 316L

4. Exterior shell: 304 stainless steel,

5.  2” Polyurethane insulation if there is a need.

6. Racking port

7. Side manway hole

8. Certificate: CE 


Sample Valve x1;

CIP nozzle/Spraying device: x1;

Temp. sensor / thermometer x1;

Racking arm with butterfly valve x1;

Bottom outlet with butterfly valve x1;

Stainless pipe legs with adjustable footpads x4;

Wine Fermentation Tank

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