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wine making equipment
wine making equipment

wine making equipment

Wine making can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but it does require some specialized equipment If you re just getting started in wine making, you ll need to purchase some basic equipment

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While you can technically make wine with just a few pieces of equipment, it's better to have the right tools for the job. This will make the process easier and help you produce a higher-quality product.

Wine is a fermented wine made from fresh grapes. It is a nutritious, low-alcoholic beverage with health effects. Drinking in moderation, in addition to positive, healthy, and delicious impact, can also play a role in blood circulation, diuretics, and prevention of cardiovascular, anemia, and other diseases, with specific health effects. Wine processing equipment, mainly grape crusher, juice separator, juice press, high-speed centrifuge, wine filling machine, etc., storage containers, especially fermentation tanks, wine storage tanks, etc. The following small talk about wine production equipment.

Wine making equipment.

1. Grape crushing and destemming equipment 

As the primary raw material for wine production, grapes are usually transported by baskets, carts, and screw conveyors or belt conveyors. The crushing and destemming of grapes are carried out with the same equipment, or the grapes can be destemmed first and crushed later.

2.Second, grape pulp conveying equipment.

The grape pulp conveying pump usually adopts a rotor pump, which can also be used for giving granular grapes or residues, wine feet, etc.

3.The third is traditional fermentation equipment.

Traditional fermentation vessels include the following.   

①Oak barrels. 2000~5000L. With an open pressure plate inside.   

②Fermentation tank. Square cement pond, the inner wall is coated with non-toxic anti-corrosion coating, the capacity of 20m3, and the wall thickness of the pond is about 20cm. The upper part of the Fermenter can be installed pressure plate. The pool can be placed inside the cooling device. The Fermenter can also be equipped with spraying devices.

③ Fermenter with jacket. In the outer wall of the fermentation tank with a jacket device, the coat can circulate refrigerant to control the temperature of the fermentation mash.

4. the new fermentation equipment. 

1. New red wine fermentation tank. The top of the tank has a length less than the diameter of the tank's open horizontal pipe, and the juice from the bottom of the tank input pipe by the pump is sprayed back into the tank. When the liquid is separated from the dregs, the fluid is pumped away first, then the scraper motor at the bottom of the tank is started, and the dregs are discharged into the screw conveyor through the dregs discharge port at the bottom of the tank. 

2. Seity-type rotary Fermenter. It comprises a bracket, tank, transmission part, screw conveyor, etc. The tank adopts a horizontal rotatable tank equipped with a thermometer, pressure gauge, safety valve, etc. The tank is equipped with a cooling device, filter plate, etc.

5. Pressing equipment

① Intermittent basket-type screw press. They are composed of a basket body, press plate, base, power transmission, and other components suitable for small plants. Horizontal double-press type intermittent press consists of frame, basket, double-press, transmission device, and automatic control device.

②Continuous press. They are widely used in grape pulp and pre-fermentation mash peel pressing. The production requires continuous feeding and discharging, large daily processing capacity, large juice output ratio, and good quality, which is suitable for larger-scale plants.

③Airbag press. It comprises a frame, rotating tank, transmission system, and computer control system. It has the function of a juice separator and grape press. More commonly used in Europe Italy Diemme company production.

6. wine storage equipment 

① Oak barrels. There are often round (drum type) and oval two.

②Concrete pool. The capacity of 10000 ~ 200000L.   

③ metal tank. Ordinary steel plate (Q235) made of carbon steel tanks, diameter to height ratio of 1: (1.5 ~ 2.5), large containers for 1: (3 ~ 4). General capacity of 5000 ~ 50000 L. Stainless steel tank material AIS1314 type (ICr18Ni9Ti). 

④ glass fiber reinforced plastic tank. The capacity of about 50kL, diameter to height ratio of 1: 2. More used in France.

7. Post-processing equipment  

①Sugar pot. Shaping equipment used to make syrup. 

② Wine dispensing tank. The tank has a stirrer, and a centrifugal pump conveys the incoming and outgoing liquor. 

8.freezing, heating equipment

①Freezing equipment. Refrigeration equipment in general: laminated freezing tank; freezing holding tank (with cooling tubes and stirrers); tube exchanger, canister freezer, thin plate exchanger; wine stabilization system

② Heat treatment equipment. Heat treatment commonly used jacketed sealed tank or in the tank with a snake tube, column tube, or plate heater.  

③Ion exchange column. Diameter to height ratio of 1: (3.0 ~ 1.5). Material is stainless steel, the upper part of the column within and out of the liquid valve, the upper and lower halves are equipped with a sight glass; upper and lower ends have a sieve plate, a sieve plate is equipped with a molecular cap (nozzle); molecular cap at the bottom of the column is equipped with a thickness of 30 ~ 40cm of glass beads or quartz block packing. 

9.packaging equipment  

①Bottle washing machine. Products are manual bottle washing machines, semi-automatic bottle washing machines, and automatic bottle washing machines. 

②Bottle inspection machine. They are composed of a light source, optical system, and electronic inspection separation device. 

③Empty bottle sterilizer. Including a semi-automatic sterilizer and an automatic sterilizer (a highly automated packaging production line will be combined with bottle washing and sterilization). 

④Wine filling machine. Including semi-automatic wine filling machine and automatic wine filling machine (from equal pressure filling and negative pressure filling)

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