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large stainless steel wine fermenter

If you re looking for a wine fermenter that will allow you to make large batches of wine, then a large stainless steel wine fermenter is a great option

Product description


A large stainless steel wine fermenter has many advantages over other types of fermenters. It is easier to clean, more durable, and does not absorb flavors. Additionally, a large stainless steel wine fermenter can hold a larger volume of wine, making it ideal for those who make large batches of wine.


1.Material: Sanitary stainless steel AISI304 or AISI306L

2.Finish: Exterior brushed finish, interior 2B finish

3.Internal welds to be ground, pickled& passivated

4.Cylindrical shell

5.Top lid floading up& down by air gasket

6.Reinforce channel on the top

7.4 legs with foot pads and levelling tubes

8.Racking arm and windlass

9.Air pump with pressure gage

10.Dimple jacket and temperature probe optional

11.Oval inwards/ outwards opening mandoor at side

12.Air vent on the top

13.Sanitary sealing gasket

14.Racking outlet 2’’ with valve and clamp

15.Sampler port 1’’ with valve

16.Level indicator

17.Liftings lugs

18.Ladder Rack x1

Application scope: mainly used for fermentation of dry red varieties in the wine industry.

Technical parameters: All materials are made of SUS304 or 316L stainless steel for production, barrel thickness t=2~4mm.

Volume range: 0.5~200t.

Structural features: the use of Miller plate jacket cooling, according to the different volumes of the fermentation vessel design other cooling areas, through the tank temperature control probe, liquid level control probe, refrigerant solenoid valve, computer system settings, and realize the fermentation process temperature fully automatic control, quick and easy to complete the cooling and management of the medium in the tank. Adopt vertical structure, with legs counter cone, while equipped with the current domestic advanced automatic slagging device, can significantly save labor to provide better fermentation equipment for brewing enterprises.

Tank configuration: It mainly consists of a hiatus, refrigerant import and export, lower maintenance hole, liquid level meter, thermometer, yeast inlet, slag discharge door, bottom slag scraping motor, wine outlet, sampling valve, circulating motor, sewage outlet, slag scraping blade, plate filter cover (screen), leaking pipe, honeycomb jacket (Miller plate), rotating spray, upper maintenance hole, etc.

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