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floating lid wine tank
floating lid wine tank

floating lid wine tank

Wine storage tank Floating roof ajustable Stainless steel storage mobile lid vessel for sale

Product description



Variable Capacity Wine Fermenter Tanks make liquid inside of the tank,variable via adjusting lid height, avoiding possible oxidizing caused by half-tank of wine.

floating lid wine tank is a multiple-purpose wine tank, it can be used for fermenting dry red wine, and can also be used as storage and buffer tank, it's particularly used in small wineries for different usage. Except for winery, floating lid wine tank is also used popularly in cider making.

Wine tank basic component:

Floated lid

Cylindrical shell/Slope or Conical bottom

Supporting legs

Cooling jacket

Pump with pressure gauge 

Manual windlass

Lifting arm 

Breathing valve 

Bottom rectangular door or side oval door 

Sampling valve 

Thermometer Inlet/ Outlet 

Total outlet 

Drain outlet


● Equipped with a manual windlass for an easy lifting and sinking of the lid.

● Reinforced upper ring gives the tank strength and stability and prevents any deformations of the shell.

● Slope bottom provides an easy discharge of liquid.

● The large rectangular manhole makes the emptying and cleaning of tank interior easy and simply.

● The food-grade air seal is sourced from Europe with super high quality and durability.

●The matchable pump with pressure gauge is safe,convenient and user-friendly.

● SUS304 & SUS316L is optional

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