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colloid mill
colloid mill

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A Stainless Steel Colloid Mill Machine is a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of different processes

Product description



A colloid mill is a type of rotor-stator mixer often used in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries to break down, emulsify, and suspend solids in liquids, creating extremely stable mixtures. Colloid mills are also used to reduce particles to create a homogenized product.

The rotor-stator mixer, or colloid mill, is a type of machinery that is often used in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries. This is because it has the ability to break down, emulsify, and suspend solids in liquids, creating extremely stable mixtures.

Colloid Mill Works With Shearing, Grinding High-Speed Stirring Grinding Process Occurs In The Relative Movement Between The Two Teeth With One Revolving In High Speed And Another Still, Which Makes The Material Between The Teeth Receive Strong Shearing And Abrasion In Addition To High-Frequency Vibration And High-Speed Swirl. The Above Forces Effectively Evenly Disperse, Emulsify, Smash The Material.

Colloid mill features

Colloid mill The product design is compact, the appearance is beautiful, the seal is good, the performance is stable, the operation is convenient, the decoration is simple, and the production benefit is high. It is the ideal processing equipment. It combines a homogenizer, ball mill with various properties, three-roll machine, shearing machine, mixer, and other machines, with superior super fine crushing, dispersing emulsifying, homogenizing, mixing, and other effects.

The Range Of Uses

1. Food Industry: Dairy Products, Chocolate, Nuts, Soya Sauce, Jam, Peanut Butter, Cream Drinks, And So On.

2. Chemical Industry: Pigment, Lubricating Oil, Spices, Dye, Emulsified Asphalt, Emulsified Rubber, Catalyst, Paint Coating, And So On.

3. Pharmaceutical Industry: Cod- Liver Oil, Confidentiality, Athletes Cream, Queen Bee, Pollen, And So On.

4. Daily Chemical Industry: Shoeshine, Toothpaste, Cosmetics, Balsam, Soap, Detergent, And So On.


The working principle of the colloid mill: 

A motor drives the colloid mill through a belt drive to move the rotating tooth (or rotor) and the matching fixed tooth (or stator) to rotate at a relatively high speed. The processed material passes its weight or external pressure ( (Which can be generated by the pump) pressurized to produce downward spiral impact force; through the colloid grinding, the gap between the rotating teeth (gap adjustable) is subjected to solid shear force, friction force, high-frequency vibration and other physical effects, so The material is effectively emulsified, dispersed and crushed to achieve the effect of superfine crushing and emulsification of the material. 

colloid mill

colloid mill  colloid mill

colloid mill

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