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chocolate melting tank
chocolate melting tank

chocolate melting tanks for sale

100L 200L 300L 500L stainless steel chocolate melter machine melting pot mix storage tank holding tank chocolate melting tank

Product description



melting tank is consisted of tank body and mixing part. The mixing tank made of stainless steel with jacket for heating or cooling and insulating layer for outer. There are many options for choosing the type of Jacketed heating, such as electric heatin steam heating, oil heating. According to technological requirements, the mixing part can choose high shear, high speed dispersion or low speed anch or mixing, paddle mixing, propeller mixing and so on. 

Structure characteristics

1. Contact parts of machine are completely made of food grade stainless steel 304/316L, meeting the standard of GMP.

2. Pure copper motor: low noise, stable dynamic, sustainable work.;Dust proof engine base: inside stainless steel bearing, with dust cover to avoid dust and grease dirt into tank.

3. Flat cover with double open lids and Handle,Creative handle, quick to open, convenient for production

4. Inlet port and outlet port,Available port connection: Clamp, Thread Butt weld, Flange etc.Flange process arc transition smooth, easy to clean no dead ends, beautiful appearance.

5.Sight glass: tempered glass material, threaded connection form.

6.Electric heating: the interlayer is provided with electric heating rods. 

7. For SS agitator; Rotation speed can be constant speed, also can be equipped with VFD according to real work condition. Agitator can be frame mixer, paddle, scattered disk, scraper, ribbon etc.

8. Electrical heated tube(electric heating rods), adopt threaded connection form, convenient assembly. 

10. pad adopt Import material, Resistant to 300 degrees temperature, difficult to leak.


1.melting tank is in the chocolate production necessary equipment, mainly uses in after the correct grinding chocolate syrup heat preservation storing, satisfies the chocolate production the technological requirement, adapts to the continuous production request. 

2.melting tank besides has functions and so on temperature decrease, elevation of temperature, heat preservation, may carry on to the chocolate pulp does not stop stirs, but also has the degasification, the air sweetening, to dehydrate as well as to prevent functions and so on pulp fat separation.

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