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Milk Homogenizer Machine
Milk Homogenizer Machine

Milk Homogenizer Machine

sanitary stainless steel high pressure Milk Homogenizer Machine , The milk homogenizer machine is used to homogenize and emulsify liquid materials (liquid-liquid or liquid-solid)

Product description



The milk homogenizer machine is used to homogenize and emulsify liquid materials (liquid-liquid or liquid-solid) with a viscosity lower than 0.2Pa.s and a temperature lower than 80°C. Its working principle is mainly to send the processed material to the homogenization valve in the form of high pressure through the reciprocating motion of the three plungers, so that the material flows through the small gap between the valve disc and the valve seat and is subjected to turbulence, cavitation and shear force at the moment. . Thus, the originally rough emulsion or suspension is processed into extremely fine, uniform and stable liquid and liquid mixed emulsion or liquid and solid dispersion. The average emulsification fineness is below 1um, and the average solid dispersion particle size is below 2um. After the material is homogenized, it has extremely high stability, at the same time, it can improve the storage quality, speed up the reaction time, and save additives. The equipment is widely used in food, health care, cosmetics and other fields, and it can improve the absorption quality of the human body. 

Structural features of milk homogenizer

The equipment consist of rack, transmission case, pump body, pressure gage, homogenizer etc parts. 

The machine is vertical positioned, electromotor installed inside the rack, transmission case mounted on the rack, pump body connect with the transmission case. Electromotor drive the transmission case gear shaft bent axle through the belt, linkage slider drive the plunger make reciprocating motion. The plunger inside the pump body make the pumping and compressing movement, the pressure formed through combination valve control feed liquid. When the machine used as homogenate, it should assemble the homogenizer, the feed liquid press in the homogenizer, after homogenizing valve’s effect, the feed liquid get fully homogeneous refinement. When the machine used as high pressure pump, it should assemble the high pressure over flow device, the feed liquid press in the outlet through pump body, when the pressure exceed the setting range, the overflow valve will open automatically, form the inside discharge, when the pressure under the setting value, the overflow valve will close automatically, so the feed liquid could convey safely in the setting pressure range.

Structural features of milk homogenizer

Characteristics of milk homogenizer 

1. Stable operation, low noise, easy to clean, flexible, can use continuously , the material can be super finely dispersed, emulsification.It can be widely used in industrial production of emulsion, homogeneous, and scattered.  

2. Can make the material liquid to be mixed finely ,under the crowded extrusion, strong impact forceand loss of pressure Inflation.  This equipment is the important equipment in food.,dairy products, beverage and other industries.

3. To milk ,soybean milk and other kinds of dairy drinks, in homogeneity

under high pressure, can make the fat ball in liquid dairy to be refined significantly , make its products easy to digest absorb after eating, improve the value of using.  

4. Used in the production of  ice cream and other products , can improve the clean degree and porosity of material liquid , make its inner quality to be improved significantly.  

5. Used in emulsion, Glue. Juice. Slurry etc production,  can prevent or reduce material liquid layers, improve the appearance of material liquid, make the colour and lustre more bright-coloured , fragrance more thick, and taste better. 


ModelFlow L/HMaximum pressure(MPa)Rated pressure(MPa)Moror power(KW)Machine size(mm)

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