UHT Milk Sterilization Machine
UHT Milk Sterilization Machine

Tubular Type UHT Milk Sterilization Machine

plate pasteurization Juice Drink Tubular UHT Sterilizer Pasteurizer machine for milk beverage

Product description



This machine by taking steam, hot water and cold water as the heat transfer media, the sleeve type sterilizer is especilly suitabl for sterilization of materials of high viscosity such as jam, concentrated fruit juice, etc. The main parts of the equipment adopts a four -layers sleeve type structure. 

The heat exchange media flow in the inner and outer layers, and the materials make reverse flow at the middle layer., so as to ensure the maximum heat exchange efficiency. It is featured by short heating time, even heating inside materials, good sterilization effect and low energy consumption. The material pipe includes the temperature rising section, temperature holding section and temperature falling section. The material pipe adopts flanged connection at the connection places. The key pints are provided with steam shielding devices to ensure that the materials are safe and sterile.

The equipment adopts multiple-tube type, the multiple tube consist of many parallel small tubes, then connect many section multiple tubes. Each segment called a lift, the inner tube of every lift connected by U type tube, the outer tube connected by branch pipe. Material flow in the inner tube, the heating medium reverse flow in the outside tube, through the inner wall to heat transfer. The qty and dimeter in each shell and tube can change, to meet the quality of the material and requirement of heat. 

The tube(pipe) in tube pasteurizer can take hot process on the liquid foods and beverage. Compared to the sterilizer of other model, it has the following characteristics:

1.High heat effect,90% of the heat can be recycled after heating the material

2.Temperature ap between the medium and the material is small, so to realize gentally heating, the heating pipe adopts wave pipe, the material and the medium are both in flow.

3.It is of high automatic degree, can automatically control and record from CIP cleaning to pipe sterilizing to sterilizing the material.

4.It is of precise and reliable sterilizing temperature control, automatically control the affecting sterilizing temperature system such as steam pressure, flow and material flow.

5.The inside of the material pipe adopts advanced polish technology, pipe joints automatically, pipe design realize complete automatically clean, and the whole process sterilizes, so to ensure the system aseptic.

6.It is of strong system safety, the fittings all adopts reliable product with good capacity, the design values the human, safe equipment, and the steam, hot water and the material all adopts pressure protection methods and alarm system.

7.It is of high reliability system, the main fitting such as material pump, hot water pump, valves, electric elements of controlling system, and the executive elements are all world famous. Tube pasteurizer and yoghurt sterilizer can be designed according to customer requirement. The tube UHT sterilizer of our company is to filling the aseptic package. It fits to various aseptic package, such as: aseptic paper package, aseptic paper, plastic, composite film package, aseptic PE bottle package, especially fit to the production of all kinds of dairy products.

Machine Features

1. Composed of four layer pipes heating exchanger; with heating section, sterilizing section, and cooling section. 

2. With steam protection, automatic and pneumatic control, the output and reflux is controlled by valves via thermal resistance and PLC. There is diverison device to enhance the heat transfer effect and can avoid scaling inside the tube.

3. The heating-holding section has reasonable structure to guarantee the temperature stability of product.

4. PLC automatic system, mulit-stage recorder for recording the process data.

5. Feeding tank with electric liquid levle indicator and agitator

6. Use lobe pump for feeding to high pressure piston pump to make sure enough pressure.

7. Hot water circulation passing centrifugal pump, and temperature automatic control system.

8. Self-CIP system

Tubular Type UHT Milk Sterilization Machine


Q: How about payment term, payment safety and delivery time?

A: We accept 40% deposit, balance before shipment. And Irrevocable L/C at sight.Delivery time is 7 to 30 days. It is according to order quantity.

Q: How could we confirm the products?

A: Our professional engineers will follow up all the designs and ajustments according to your requirement.OEM and ODM available.

Q: What services can we provide?

A:Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,DDP,DDU,Express Delivery;

Accepted Payment Currency:USD,EUR,CNY;

Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C,Credit Cardl,Western Union,Alipay;

Q: How can I know your machine works well?

A: Before delivery, we shall test the machine working condition for you.

Q: What's your MOQ?

A: 1 set.

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