plate pasteurizer
plate pasteurizer

Milk Juice Yogurt Honey beer Plate Pasteurizer

Factory price Pasteurization machine for milk Juice yogurt honey beer

Product description



Plate pasteurizer is a kind of sterilization equipment specially designed for milk drinks or similar liquid materials. It's a ideal equipment to extend the shelf life of materials by sterilization and cooling. The heating, sterilization, heat preservation and cooling requirements designed according to different processes, different materials and different process combinations can meet the process requirements. With a variety of safety protection measures, high temperature, alarm and low temperature backflow.  

Controlling methods: Auto control system ;

Main fittings: Material pump, balance tank, hot water system, temperature control and CIP cleaning system, PLC control system.

Product capacity: 0.5-20t/hr

Sterilizing temperature : 75-95℃ (Adjustable)

Keeping time: 15-30S(Adjustable)



Typical process


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