Batch Type Milk Pasteurizer Machine

Custom Design Milk pasteurizer machine 100-1000Litres Batch Milk Small Batch Pasteurizer

Product description



Introduction of milk pasteurizer tank

It fits to heat, sterilizer, keep warm and cool the heat sensitive liquid such as the fresh milk, beverage and juice etc. This machine is of high recycle, energy saving, and reducing cost, compact constructure, simple operation and convenient maintain.

The small mini milk pasteurizer tank has good sealing performance, and the sealing design completely eliminates the harmful substances in the air and the invasion of mosquitoes into the tank. The stainless steel tank has strong corrosion resistance and is not corroded by the residual chlorine in the outside air and water, so as to ensure that the materials are not polluted by the outside world.

Controlling methods: Manual control system –Or PLC control system;

Main components: Material pump, balance tank, heating system, temperature control and CIP cleaning ball, control panel
Product capacity: 100L to 500L per batch 
Sterilizing temperature :75-95℃ (Adjustable)
Keeping time: 15-60Min(Adjustable)
It can be cooled to normal temperature after pasteurization;
It can be cooled to 4C degree if equipped with chilling system;

Optional: Be equipped with emulsifier ; 

Equipped with ice cooling unit to cooled to 4C 

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