milk pasteurizer
milk pasteurizer

milk pasteurizer

milk pasteurizer is a machine that uses heat to kill bacteria in milk The milk is heated to a high temperature and then cooled quickly

Product description


Milk pasteurizer is currently one of the most ideal and effective milk sterilization equipment, which uses high-quality stainless steel processing and manufacturing, and can be used for all types of packaged or canned food in the sterilization tank to control the water temperature to between 85 ° ~ 90 °, can play a sterilization effect, but also to ensure that the protein and other nutrients do not fluctuate in a wide temperature range and change, to maintain the original quality of food, taste, color, etc., to achieve the food without adding Any preservative, which is beneficial to the health of consumers, significantly to extend the shelf life and storage period.

This machine has five main features.

1. Sterilization temperature and the time to maintain sterilization after reaching sterilization temperature can be set.

2. Power saving and fast temperature rise. Because of our patented technology, the milk is directly heated, so it consumes less electricity, warms up faster, and does not paste milk.

3. The stirring device is added to ensure the uniform temperature of all parts in sterilization and no milk skin.

Four 、Adopted our patented cooling device, less wastewater and fast cooling.

5、Made of stainless steel, beautiful, hygienic, and long life. The control panel is designed beautifully and generously, and the keys are clearly explained.

Working process: Fill the milk tank with the milk that needs to be sterilized, fill the water tank first, open the water inlet valve and the circulation valve, and close the drain valve. Wait until the level gauge reaches 2/3, or the overflow pipe has water flowing out to stop the water injection. The water valve is closed; turn on the power and the heating button for heating. Generally, the hot water tank can be heated between 90-95 degrees (you can look at the thermometer behind the hot water tank, which is almost enough). Then turn on the water pump, cycle sterilization, observe the temperature gauge on the milk tank, heat it to 85 degrees to complete the sterilization, and don’t forget to turn off the water pump after cooling.

Milk pasteurizer Processing method.

1. Heat the milk to 62~65℃ and keep it for 20-25 minutes. Using this method can kill all kinds of growing pathogenic bacteria in milk; the sterilization efficiency can reach 97.3%~99.9%; after sterilization, only some of the residual thermophilic and heat-resistant bacteria and bacterium, etc. These bacteria are lactic acid bacteria; lactic acid bacteria called beneficial bacteria greatly help human health.

2. The milk is heated to 75~85℃ and kept warm for 5~10 minutes, the sterilization time is shorter, and the efficiency is higher. The basic principle of using this sterilization is that the pathogenic bacteria can be killed in a relatively short period, considerably retaining their nutritional content.

Milk pasteurizer Equipment features.

(1) covers an area of only 2-3 square meters. It can be equipped with casters, easy to move.

2) various specifications can be customized according to customer needs; 50l-5000l different capacity sizes can be used with multiple tanks.

3) sterilization temperature: set as needed (temperature control using Delta temperature control system, precise temperature control, the entire electrical system using Schneider brand)

4) temperature control accurate to ± 1 ℃; the temperature on demand automatic control and adjustment of sterilization temperature.

5) sterilization time: sterilization time can be set as needed.

6) Equipment material: tank for high-quality SUS304, with breather, liquid level meter, high-quality sanitary pipeline valve.

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