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Forced Circulating Evaporator
Forced Circulating Evaporator

Forced Circulating Evaporator

Forced Circulating Evaporator for Fruit Juice, Forced Circulation Triple effect Falling Film Evaporator

Product description




 Forced circulating single-effect, double-effect, triple-effect and multi-effect evaporators are applicable to low temperature concentration of high concentration and high viscosity materials containing indissoluble solid things in food, med-icine, chemical industry, biological project, environment protection project and waste liquid recovery etc, industries.

System Components: 

      Composed of evaporators of various effects, separators of various effects, condenser, circulating pump, pump between effects, vacuum and drainage system, branch cylinder, operation platform, electric meter control cabinet, valve, pipe etc. Systems.

Main Characteristics:

   1. The whole set system has reasonable and beautiful design, stable operation, high efficiency, energy sav-ing and low steam consumption.

   2. Large concentration ratio, forced circulating type, which can make the materials of larger viscosity easily flow and evaporate and shortens the concentrating time.

   3. The special design can make modifications of effects easily to realize production of various products.

   4. Low evaporation temperature. The heat quantity can be fully used. The heating of materials is warm, so it is applicable for concentration of heat sensitive materials.

    5. After forced circulating, the evaporator is heated ev-enly in the pipe with high heat transfer coefficient, in order to prevent the occurrence of "dry walls".

    6. The materials and liquids are separated after coming into the separator. The effect of separating is greatly improved, and it is flexible to operate.

    7. The whole set equipment is quite compact, and occupies little area, and the layout is simple and fluent, all of which are the developing tendency of large-sized whole set evaporating equipments.

    8. Continuous materials inlet and outlet, and the liquid level of materials and needed concentration can be automatically controlled.

Forced Circulating Evaporator

Control Mode:

DCS or PLC automated control,semi-automated control or manual control(one operation)

Evaporating Apparatus Configuration and Major Components

This unit comprises mainly the heating chamber,separation chamber,crystallizer,condenser,vaccum pump,circulating pump,forced circulation pump,defoaming device,cleaning system,electric cabinet,platform,and all piping,gages and valves

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