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gin distilling equipment
gin distilling equipment

Multi-function vodka distilling equipment

500L multi-function alcohol Distillery machine distillation equipment for Vodka, whiskey and gin etc

Product description



Multi-function   distillation equipment for Vodka, whiskey , gin etc

- Three walls still pot with capacity of 500 lts, red copper inner, jacketed and

insulation and SUS304 outer shell with glass manway.

- Red copper  onion head and lyme arm.

- Heating by steam or Electric heating with mixing agitator,  

- First column: 12 plates red copper still column with SUS304/copper dephlgmator

- SUS304 condensor

- CIP piping and cleaning ball

- Sanitary pump

- With a manual control cabinet

- All fittings and spare parts shown on drawings, such as sight glass, pressure

relief valve and pressure gauge, temperature gauge and Tri clamp fittings etc.

Detailed Drawing will be provided before production.


All parts can be customized 

1. red copper, stainless steel 304/ 316

2. Mash tun, steam generator,Pot still, top, copper head, column,dephlegmator, condenser, parrot outlet, alcohol collecting tank,CIP, connecting pipes. Fermentation tank, control system. 

3. Sight glasses, Temp sensor, analog temp gauge

4. Electric heating (with heating elements)/steam heating/ gas heating

5. CE, ISO, TUV Certificate

6. One year warranty

7. Semi-automatic control panel (The first batch you got can reach 65 degrees, and the maximum is 90 degrees.

One batch duration is 1.5-3 hours, and the total distillation time depends on your expected alcohol purity.Take Whiskey for


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