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Destilador de luz de luna con agitador
Destilador de luz de luna con agitador

copper home alcohol distiller equipment reflux distillation column moonshine stills with Agitator

Alcohol Distillation Equipment moonshine stills with Agitator For Whisky Rum Gin Vodka Brandy Spirit Distiller

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The micro stills produced by Wenzhou Ace Machinery Limited is specially designed and built for families and small distillery usage. They occupy small room space, and can be operated easily. The investment is also very small. These micro stills must be your best choice if you want to distill good spirits for your families, or want to start a business of small distillery. Following are the key components and the relative functions.

moonshine stills with Agitator

Boiler: this boiler is heated by 6KW electric heating element for distilling spirits from mash. The agitator of mixing can be added to the boiler per choice if the size is bigger than 100L.

Control panel: the control panel is used to control the electric heating element to heat the mash inside the boiler. You can set up the Max. and Min. temperature for heating through this control panel.

Copper helmet/onion: the copper helmet makes fine spirits because it decreases the nasty taste and makes the alchol much smoother. This can be a optional choice for distiller.

Bubble cap plates column: the bubble cap plates are used for reflux.The number of plates can be ranged from 4 to 12 per distillers requirement. The more number of plates you use, the higher % abv that you can get for spirits.

Dephlegmator: the dephlegmator is the key to the whole still, without the deflegmator it’s very difficult to create reflux. This unit allows the cool water to condense your alcohol vapor as it passes through the multiple internal cooling tubes, allowing it to fall back to your column. Then the bubble cap plates can do their job which allows you to purify your ethanol to very high proof.

Gin basket: the gin basket is for loading the spicy that produce flavor spirit that people like.

Product condensor: the vapor passing through the cooling tubes gets in touch with the cold water and exchange heat with each other. Then the vapor is condensed to liquid spirit that we want.

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