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Commercial Copper Still
Commercial Copper Still

Commercial Whiskey Gin Vodka Copper Still

400L 500L 1000L Commercial Copper Still Distillery Equipment For Whiskey Gin Vodka

Product description



It’s a 1500L Copper still we made for our customers, which can be used for making vodka, whisky, brandy, rum etc. It’s heated by the steam.

Copper parts: 1500L Copper pot inside, distillation column

It comes with CIP cleaning system and 3 storage tanks. and the sizes can be customized according to client’s needs.


Working capacity:100-5000L
Total Volume:working capacity*130%-150%
Material: SUS3048/SUS316L/COPPER-C12200
Motor:3-phase power,UL/CSA/CE/ATEX,or Customizable brand
Reducer:NEMA Standard (Made in Italy);ICE Standard (Made in China)
Welding Technolog:High purity argon arc welding
Heating Method:Steam/Water bath/Oil/Electric/Firewood/Gas
Heating form:Direct or indirect heating
Distillation method:Liquid distillation by default, custom solid distillation can be customized
Running time:2-8h,Customizable continuous distillation
Shape: Upper and lower heads/Customizable
Distilled products:Gin/Whisky/Vodka/Brandy/Tequila/Rum/Bourbon
Optional module: 1.Cooling water recycling system
2.Light system
3.Alcohol storage tank system(Head/Heart/Tail)

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