Distillery Equipment
moonshine stills with sight glass
moonshine stills with sight glass

moonshine stills with sight glass

SS304 SS316l Stainless Steel moonshine stills with sight glass

Product description


It's aways easier to talk with an experienced manufacturer regading the technical details of the distiller than a sales from a trading company. If you are looking for a custom distiller or you have some requirements for the still then look no further, just drop us an inquiry and we will make that happen. 

Our glass version reflux column is available in 2.5inch 3inch 4 inch 6 inch and 8 inch etc, the number of the stages can be added or removed according to your needs.

We also supply complete ready-to-run stills that come with boiler, column and controller(if you chose electric heating).

The volumn of the boiler ranges from 30lt, 50lt, 100lt, 200lt to 500lt or even more. It can be jacketed or non jacketed(single layer), electric or fire heating depending on your preference. 

All of our product is made of real stainless steel 304 and T2 lead free copper,I am happy to show you the material certificate paper to prove it.

The column comes with dephlegmator, reducer with thermometer, elbow, condenser, parrot and a complet water lines and regulators

Our system uses standard tri clamp connections and is compatible with any tri clamp such as in North America, Australia and European countries.

Additional items: 

For the Column: Gin Basket, Copper Helmet etc

For the Boiler:Agitator,Manway,Sight Glass,Wheels,Pressure Safty Valve etc

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