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Gin Make Machine
Gin Make Machine

200L Gin /Vodka/Whisky Make Machine

200L Gin Vodka Whisky Make Machine Commercial Gin Vodka Whisky Copper Distillery

Product description



Still Pot

1. Function: hold mash or impurity alcohol.    

2. Material: food grade stainless steel 304 or red copper inner shell for option. 

3. Top with agitator which can be used to distiller any wash, even washes full of fruit pulp or grain mash can be heated in this configuration of boiler without any risk of burning on bottom of pot. Also, by constantly agitating the wash throughout the distillation run, your distillery can save 20% on the heating required to perform the distillation.

Gin Make Machine

Distilling Column

Within the column are bubble cap trays, the vapor rises up the tube inder the bubble caps and bubbles out from under the cap and through the standing liquid on each tray. The standing liquid overflows at a certain depth to the next tray below.

Gin Make Machine

Gin Basket

1. It is suitable for gin, schnapps etc. , add botanicals for making gin, enhance flavor and extand the function range of the system.

2. Material: stainless steel/ glass/ red copper.

3. Structure: outside with glass/ SS304 column, inside with removable copper filter basket.

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