Storage Tank
underground storage water tank
underground storage water tank

underground storage water tank

Customization ISO Standard Chemical Liquids Double Walled Container Underground Storage Water Tanks

Product description



Stainless steel underground storage water tank is made out of the 304 or 316L. This stainless steel storage tank, Internal and external mirror polishing, fillet welding of tank no dead Angle, easy to clean.Discharge outlet at bottom. It suits the purification area of pharmaceutical industry very much. The liquid compounding of food or fermentation and the treatment of water is likely to used it.

Our company can provide you with custom-engineered pharmaceutical storage containers. The sampling place, inlet and outletof liquid, hole for reservation and inlet and outlet of head/cold medium can all be customized to meet your unique processing and storage needs.

UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANK is widely to storage the chemical solvent in the pharmaceutical ,chemical etc industry .

UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANK is made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel tanks can withstand higher pressure, and are widely used in many high-pressure situations. 

Characteristic :

1. with the long neck manhole for the mainence .

2 .the storage tank will be install under ground .

3. the level can be control by the level sensor 

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