Mixing Tank
mixing tank with homogenizer
mixing tank with homogenizer

mixing tank with homogenizer

High Viscosity Mixer Machine Butter Soap Shampoo Soyabean Sauce Stainless Steel Ss304 mixing tank with homogenizer 1 - 3000 R p m Rpm

Product description



Homogenizer Mixing Tank is used to to dissolve one or more materials ( water-soluble solid phase, liquid phase or colloidal substance, etc.) in another liquid phase, and make them hydrate into relatively stable emulsions.

Homogenizer Mixing Tank working principle :

The centrifugal high-speed emulsifying head can produce a huge rotating suction force when it works. The material directly above the rotor is rotated and sucked down, and then it is thrown to the stator at high speed. After the high-speed shearing, collision and smashing between the rotating stators, the material is collected to the outlet and ejected. At the same time, the anti vortex baffle at the bottom of the tank converts the rotating force into the up and down overturning force, so that the materials in the tank are evenly mixed, and the powder is prevented from accumulating and agglomerating on the liquid surface, so as to achieve the purpose of hydration and emulsification.

Homogenizer Mixing Tank Application scope:

1. Food and beverage: dairy products, ice cream, chocolate, soymilk, juice, jam;

2. cosmetics industry: detergent, conditioner, shampoo, skin lotion, perfume;

3. pharmaceutical industry: injections, medicine emulsion, medicine cream, health care products, medicine slurry preparation;

4. chemical industry: lubricating oil, grease, heavy oil emulsification, diesel emulsification, disinfectant, insecticide,

photosensitive latex, rubber slurry, resin paste, thickener, essence, silicon material, carbon black, Magnesium Oxide, titanium dioxide, anti sticking agent, release agent, defoaming agent, sealant, etc.

Homogenizer Mixing Tank Structure:

including main emulsifying pot, water pot, oil pot and work frame. 1 Usually the oil pot is used for dissolving some solid that the product can just only be dissolved into oil, then the dissolved solvent will be sucked into the emulsify pot by soft pipes. 2 The function of water pot is the same to the oil pot. 3 emulsify pot is used for emulsifying the products that suck from the oil pot and water pot.

Homogenizer Mixing Tank Characteristic:

1) Volume we can produce from 20L ---20000L.

2) Material we can use SS304 and SS316L. etc.

3) it can used in single layer or double jacket layers.

4) Jacket can be used different type : single full jacket ,limpet coil jacket and dimple type jacket.

5) Jacket can be used for heating and cooling.

6) top mounted high shear emulsify type agitator model .

7) Bottom mounted high shear emulsifying agitator model.

8) Insulation material can use mineral wool ,rock wool ,PUF etc.

9) Tank can be equipped with manhole ,CIP spray ball ,vent filter level sensor ,temperature sensor ,pressure sensor ,load cell ,PH

sensor ,PO2 sensor ,safety valve,sampling valve etc.

10) Tank can be CIP/SIP online

11) inside shell mirror polish Ra<0.4um ,outside shell polish Ra<0.8um

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