wine lobe pump
wine lobe pump

commercial wine transfer pump

Food Grade Stainless Steel Commercial Wine Transfer Pump With Explosion-proof Motor

Product description



Wenzhou Ace Machinery Co., Ltd wide range of solutions for your fluid needs. We provide efficient pump systems for the transfer of wine and must throughout the winery. You can select from tow different families of wine transfer pumps to fit your needs. 

We have centrifugal pump and Lobe pump suitable for wine delivery. These two types of pumps can transfer wine.

Stainless Steel Rotary lobe pump is widely used to transfer various special material, stiff material, mixture with different specific gravity, corrosive material and material with large powder, such as yogurt, cheese, fruit jam, shampoo, cosmetics, Wine etc.

The compact robust sanitary design of the wine transfer pump makes it ideal for use in cellars. 

This portable wine transfer pump is provided with a cart.

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