Mixing Tank
chemical mixing tank
chemical mixing tank

chemical mixing tank

Chemical mixing tank is a crucial process in many industries, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, cosmetics, food and beverage, and chemical manufacturing

Product description


Chemical mixing tanks are essential because they allow for the proper mixing of chemicals. This is important because it allows for the substances to be evenly mixed and prevents them from reacting with each other.

A mixing tank is standard chemical equipment, which is widely used and can be found in chemical enterprises of all sizes. How to choose a set of suitable mixing tanks should start from the following aspects:

chemical mixing tank

How to choose a chemical mixing tank

First, the shape of the mixing tank, according to the volume of the tank, uses the workshop space to determine the size of the tank to make the workshop layout neat and uniform.

Second, the material of the mixing tank needs to be determined according to the medium in the tank. The enamel tank is generally selected for the acidic medium, and the stainless steel tank is usually chosen for the alkaline medium. Of course, titanium and Hastelloy should also be selected according to customers' unique requirements.

The third is the choice of agitator, which is the most core and technical aspect of the mixing tank. First, the choice of mixing form is determined according to the effect of mixing, such as axial flow mixing for complete mixing, dissolution and heat transfer of materials, and gas absorption; The runoff type is selected dispersed. Secondly, the selection of mixing power must be determined according to the size of the mixing tank, the density, viscosity, solid content of the materials in the tank, the style, diameter, speed, and other factors of the mixer.

Fourth is the choice of mixing tank manufacturers. Now there are mixing tank manufacturers all over the country, and the quality and price of mixing tanks are uneven. Choosing the proper manufacturer is a matter of once and for all.

chemical mixing tank Main Features:

1. Container with high-temperature insulation materials, anti-aging polyurethane foam, or EPE.

2. The interface uses the international standard ISO quick chuck, liner made of imported stainless steel SUS316L or SUS304 manufacturing, the inner surface of the mirror-polished to Ra≤0.4m, the outer surface of the cast matte, glossy, matt sandblasted or cold colors.

3. Agitator seal imported sanitary mechanical seals or magnetic stirring sealed stirring device, stirring speed optional.

4. The nozzle has a level gauge port (static pressure, capacitive, non-contact, ultrasonic, glass tube), mouth breathing air, thermometer (digital display or dial type), CIP cleaning mouth, depending on the mirror, depending on the light-proof (as endoscopic light integration), SIP sterilization mouth, and out of the liquid inlet and health maintenance hole.

Wenzhou Ace Machinery Co., Ltd. has several professional and technical personnel in the design of mixing equipment and has rich experience in practice and procedure. It can carry out targeted mixing design according to the characteristics of different industries. Both the type selection of mixing and the material of mixing tank are strictly controlled, that is, to make customers use satisfactory products.

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