Tomato Paste Transfer Pump
Tomato Paste Transfer Pump

Tomato Paste Transfer Pump

High viscosity chocolate stainless steel sanitary rotor pump Honey Transfer Pump Tomato Paste Pump

Product description



Ace food grade pumps are to be found in numerous processes, where their reliable low shear flow characteristics are ideally suited to the transfer of media such as starch paste, ketchup, chocolate, honey, jam, sauce products. We select the pump according to your characteristics of medium and condition of the technological requirements, bring you the best pump for your critical process, satisfied by you and your customers.

Product Name:

China manufacture tomato paste/honey lobe transfer pump


Designed according to 3A standard, widely used for transfer viscous media in the food-processing, cosemtics and pharmaceutical industries.


Horizontal bls series, diffirent rotor shapes(single rotro,tri-lobe rotors and butterfly type rotors)



Seal Material:


Max. Flow:





200-500 rmp

Rotor Type:

2-leaves, 3-leaves, butterfly, signal butterfly

Mechanical seal:


Motor power:

0.75kw, 1.1kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3kw, …22KW

Sealing option:

Sanitary single mechanical seal/Double mechanical seal with cooling system


220V, 380V(110-480v)


ABB, Siemens,Our Domestic Brand,50hz/ 60hz

Surface treatment:

Inner polished and Sandblast outside


Clamp, Thread, weld, Flange

Availably standard:




Application scope:

Dairy, food, beverage, pharmacy, cosmetic, etc

Packaging Details:

Plywood case

Delivery details:

Usually within15-20 days after receiving T/T down payment

Product Feature:

1,  Between Rotor and stator keep a certain gap,no friction coefficient and long service life.

2,  High efficiency  and energy saving,conveying smooth,low failure rate, reliable sealing and low noise.

3,  Simple assembly and disassembly,maintenance,cheaning is convenient,less easyworn parts.

4,  To keep the continuity of operation reliability and no leak time.

5,  After to use of special material,may conveying the sludge and sewage containing solid grain of the granular.

6,  May conveying the medium viscosity for less than or equal to one million cp,and contain solid content is sixty percent of the slurry.

7,  May conveying the vapor,fluid and solid three-phase mixed material.

8,  This pump to use special stainless steel,can conveying strong corrosive fluid.

9,  Configuration frequency transfurer,can adjust flow,and can make the general metering pump use.

10, According to user needs,in the pump shell increase thermal insulation and health-grade safety valve.

11, Have a strong self suction.

12, Conveying medium ingredients won’t change.

13, According to the user requirements of connect,can choose flange,threaded type,fast interface type and mobile.

Operation Principle:

1.AII the parts that wi I have contact with the media (material) a re made of stainless steel(SUS304, AISL316, 316L)and are in accordance with hygienic standards. 

2.lt is suitable for transporting medium(mate rial)with high viscosity, conoentration, or any grains. 

3.Suitable temperature, -30"c to +120"c. 

4.High pressure, long distance and high resistance quantitative transmission adopted. 

5.Low turning speed, usually between 200rpm to 600rpm, the media transmitted 

by it will keep the original quality and no physical of chemical reaction will take place. 

6.Never contact so there will be no wearing for long time use, stable ope ration and low noise. 

7.Easy to set up and dismantle, easy to scour and keep clean and hygienic. 

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