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vinegar fermenter
vinegar fermenter

Pilot and Industry Scale Airlift Fermentor

Pilot and Industry air lift Fermentor for vinegar , sauce or fruit fermentation

Product description


The airlift fermenter (ALR) is  one of the most widely used bioreactors.

Air-lift fermenter

The air-lift fermenter is a new type of bioreactor developed and applied at the end of the last century. It has no mechanical stirring mechanism to minimize the infection rate and reduce the mechanical shear force. It is especially suitable for various fungi with long hyphae. The full gas-liquid mixing of gas lift greatly improves the transmission and utilization of oxygen, and is especially suitable for high-viscosity medium and products with high requirements for dissolved oxygen. The air lift tank can be designed with internal circulation and external circulation according to user requirements, and can also be derived to design and manufacture light bioreactors, which are widely used in the cultivation of photosynthetic bacteria and algae.


Airlift fermenter The main feature of the equipment is that the static stirring device replaces the traditional dynamic stirring device, and combines the principle of air lift, so it has the following characteristics: ◆Compared with mechanical stirring fermenter, it can save electricity by 70%-80% and reduce cost. 

◆High reliability of aseptic operation, the equipment has no dynamic sealing device, no leakage, and there is no dead zone in the equipment, the sterilization is thorough, and the chance of contamination with bacteria is greatly reduced. 

◆High heat transfer and oxygen transfer efficiency, which can meet the fermentation production of various aerobic microorganisms in any region and season. 

◆Improve the yield and conversion rate, the mechanical shear force of the equipment has little damage to the microorganisms, coupled with sufficient dissolved oxygen and timely removal of heat, it provides a good growth environment for microorganisms, effectively promotes metabolism, and accelerates product accumulation. The yield and conversion rate of the product are significantly improved. 

◆It is easy to realize large-scale and automation, the equipment volume can be from 0.2m3 to 200m3, and there is no difficulty in manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance. The control factor of the equipment is less than that of the mixing tank, and it is easy to realize automatic


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