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Chemical Reactor Tank
Chemical Reactor Tank

Chemical Reactor Tank

A chemical reactor is an enclosed volume in which a chemical reaction takes place In a chemical reactor, the reactants are mixed and reacted together, producing products that are then separated from the reaction mixture

Product description


The Automatic Customized Chemical Reactor Tank applies to the reaction in the chemical industry and pharmacy. 

The reactor body can be provided with the structured jacket, pipe jacket, or overall jacket, and it also can be heated and cooled. The interior surface adopts electrolytic mirror polishing, the sealing head is machined through mold or rotary pressing, and all the pipes orifices and dead corners use R angle transition. The processing of all the parts is by GMP standards. There are such styles of the agitator as anchor style, circle style, frame style, and turbine style. The rotating machine can adopt a cycloidal-pin gear speed reducer or stepless reducer. The sealing device is mechanical sealing. Heating or cooling can be of insert-set, seminal or serpentine structure. Heating methods can be steam heating, electric heating, and heat-conduction oil to meet the demand of many different working surroundings such as acidity, high temperature, abrasion, corrosion, and so on: acid resistance, high-temperature resistance, scuff resistance, anti-corrosion.

Chemical Reactor Tank

Chemical Reactor Tank

Chemical Reactor Tank

Application and Structure: 

The Automatic Customized Chemical Stainless Steel Stirred Tank Reactor can be used as a retort in the medicine, chemical, and bio-engineering field. This equipment mainly consists of a canister body, whole jacket, and outer wrapping layer; heat preservation material is between the outer wrapping layer and jacket. It is with an agitator on the top of the reactor. 

Chemical Reactor Tank 


Single layer tank

Double layer tank

Three layer tank


SS304 or SS316L


50L-30T (Customized)



Tank Type

Vertical type/Horizontal type/Mobile type


one layer

Inner layer+jacket

inner layer+jacket+insulation

heating way

Electric/Steam Heating

Inside Finsh

Mirror polished Ra<0.4um

Outside Finish

2B or Satin Finish

Stirrer type

impeller, Anchor , Turbine , High shear, magnetic mixer, Anchor mixer with scraper





Top Head type

Dish top, Open lid top, Flat top

Bottom type

Dish bottom, Conical bottom, Flat bottom


1.Quick open manhole / Pressure manhole

2.Various types of CIP cleaners

3.Sterile respirator

4.Adjustable Legs

5.Inlet and Outlet sanitary valve

6.Thermometer (According to customer requirements )

7.Paddle blender .(According to customer requirements)

8.Liquid level meter and lever controller (According to customer requirements)



Food, Beverage, pharmacy, biological,honey, chocolate, alcohol ,chemical industry etc

We can customize the equipment according to customer requirements.

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