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stainless steel tanks
stainless steel tanks

stainless steel tanks for sale

Stainless steel beverage juice milk Chemicals, liquids, vertical storage tank with wheel agitator Stainless steel tank for sale

Product description


Stainless steel tank (storage tank) is usually used for storage of water, liquid, milk, temporary storage, material storage, etc. Suitable for such fields as dairy, beverage, juice, medicine, chemical or bio-engineering projects, etc.

Single-layer tanks are widely applied in the beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, and process industries used as liquid storage tanks, liquid composing tanks, temporary storage tanks, water storage tanks, etc., which are cleanable to sanitary standards. 


Single-layer tanks are widely applied in the beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, and process industries and used as blender, buffer, and storage tanks, which are cleanable to sanitary standards. Structure characteristics: Made of single-layer, double-layer, or three-layer stainless steel. Materials are all clean stainless steel—humanized structure design and easy to operate. The transition area of the interior wall on the tank adopts an arc for transition to ensure no dead comer of sanitation.

We can supply single-layer, dual-layer stainless steel tanks with a wide capacity range from 50L to 100,000L and even more significant.

stainless steel tanks

Factory price sanitary food liquid water storing vessel customized drum jacketed insulated stainless steel tank


Single layer tank

Double layer tank

Three layer tank


SS304 or SS316L


50L-30T (Customized)



Tank Type

Vertical type or Horizontal type


one layer

Inner layer+jacket

inner layer+jacket+insulation

Cooling way


ice water /cooling water

ice water /cooling water

heating way


electric/steam heating

electric/steam heating


1.Quick open manhole / Pressure manhole

2.Various types of CIP cleaners

3.Sterile respirator

4.Adjustable Legs

5.Inlet and Outlet sanitary valve

6.Thermometer (According to customer requirements )

7.Paddle blender .(According to customer requirements)

8.Liquid level meter and lever controller (According to customer requirements)


Our tanks' advantages:

 1. Made of full stainless steel 304

 2. Strong corrosion resistance and long life

 3. Small footprint and easy to move

 4. The stainless steel tank has good sealing performance

 5. High polishing precision and beautiful appearance 

 6. Polyester foam insulation layer and Miller version heating layer can be configured

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