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lotion mixer machine
lotion mixer machine

lotion mixer machine

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Product description


This series liquid soap mixing equipment is designed for making cosmetic cream lotion gel and liquids washing products, we adopt pharmaceutical grade stainless steel , with electric heating, high shear homogenizer emulsifier mixer, wall scraper agitator blender, three layers stainless steel working pot, mixing paddle, control cabinet . Each function can be controlled separately . working capacity 50L-200000L can be customized according to customer's requirements. Which used for making cosmetic cream paste lotion gel, liquids soap detergent,  dishwashing detergent soap, facial cleanser, emulsion products, chemical industrial cleaning products and personal care products , etc .

Capacity&Characteristic of stainless steel mixing equipment

 * Contact part : SUS316L

 * Function : heating, blending, homogenizing

 * Mixing system : frame scraper agitator mixer and high shear homogenizer mixer

 * Heating system : jacket heating / running water cooling

Ace Lotion Manufacturing Equipments

Ace’s Lotion Mixer has a special design and configuration for batch mixing lotions and personal care products with uniform texture and consistency. We carry several industrial mixers with different design configurations and sizes to best fit your ingredient specifications and your budget.

Consistent and Uniform Texture of Lotion Mixtures

Ace’s mixer machine for lotion-making performs high-energy mixing which totally disintegrates, solubilizes, homogenizes, emulsifies and blends flake powders in shea butter, coconut oil and water. It would end up with a nice, smooth-flowing lotion that still remains in the most profitable investment scale.

Tailor-Made Equipment for Your Lotion Formulation Requirements

First, we make sure you get the right lotion mixer for your specific formulation. Most lotion emulsions lie below 10,000 centipoise, but we’ll offer the most ideal mixer specs to go with your particular requirements and desired throughput. Not only can you maximize profit, but also maximize your equipment’s scalability.

Our company has supplied to over a thousand industries with varying requirements in shear and viscosities for products. How would you like us to help you today with your lotion manufacturing line? Skim through our recommended mixers for making lotion.

The Lotion Mixing Process

How do you mix lotion using Ace’s Mixer? The process of Lotion making can be summarized as follows:

1.Oil Phase Preparation - Powdered ingredients, such as stearic acid or cetyl alcohol, are dispersed into the oil.

2.Heating of about 110-185˚F (45-85˚C) can either be in the form of jacket heating or coiled-pipe heating. Sometimes heating can be minimized when the powdered ingredients are pre-blended through dry blending before mixing it with the oil phase. This saves energy and reduces cost.

3.Active ingredients are dispersed in the appropriate phase.

4.Next, comes the mixing of moisturizers, emulsifiers, thickeners and stabilizers such as Veegum or

5.Carbopol. These are dispersed into the water in a separate vessel. Again, to accelerate hydration, heating of ingredients may be incorporated in the process.

6.Emulsion is formed when the two phases are vigorously blended together.

7.Mixing is continued until the end product is homogeneous.

Mixing Issues

Strained or filtered agglomerates reduces yield output, increased wastes, added maintenance and cost.

Hydration of thickening and suspending agents in cosmetic cream formulations is one of the most difficult of all mixing operations.

Partially hydrated materials can accumulate in the mixer vessel wall and parts of the agitator.

Agitators cannot easily form stable emulsions even when the oil and water phases have been heated.

Long process times and additional equipment are often required to achieve a homogeneous product.

When temperature is not regulated properly, some ingredients may be prone to degradation.

Difficulty in producing the proper emulsion due to poor agitator action, especially when using conventional agitators.

Ace mixers accomplish the production of lotion through the following simplified methods:

Upon running the mixing vessel with the continuous phase, the mixer will immediately draw the ingredients into the workhead by the high speed rotation of the rotor.

The powerful centrifugal force of the mixer drives the powders and solvents to the narrow gap between the rotor and stator.

The solids are mixed into particle size in a short time.

The final product is then quickly pushed out through the stator, and the new materials are subjected to the workhead at the same time.

The micronized powders and other ingredients are fully dispersed into the liquid.

When the powdered ingredients are dispersed in the continuous phase, the dispersed phase can be added to form the emulsion.

All the ingredients are dispersed and mixed through the continuous working of the mixer, which accelerates the manufacturing process.

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