Safety precautions for Jacketed kettle

From the heating method, the Jacketed kettle according to the heating method is different, the thickness of the material is also different, can be divided into steam Jacketed kettle, electric heating Jacketed kettle and gas heating Jacketed kettle.

1, steam Jacketed kettle: is the steam generated by the boiler through the Jacketed kettle to heat, this form of heating is called steam Jacketed kettle, generally choose this heating method of customers, usually they have their own boilers.

2, electric heating Jacketed kettle: it is called electric heating sandwich pan by heating the thermal oil through electric heaters, simply put, it is heated by electricity, it is very convenient to use, as long as there is electricity can be used at any time.

3, gas heating Jacketed kettle: the equipment is mainly composed of pot body, base, gas stove, in addition to the stirring device, Jacketed kettle temperature layer, tiltable bracket or legs to choose. The operation method is to first open the gas valve, then ignite the gas, manually add cooking oil, wait for the oil temperature to reach the cooking temperature, add the right amount of material, manually turn the pot, stirring, so that the material in the pot evenly heated. When the material is finished, turn off the gas and extinguish the fire, turn the handle and make the pot rotate and tilt through the worm wheel and worm gear, and pour the material into another container.

Jacketed kettle

Safety precautions for different forms of Jacketed kettle

(1) The operation should keep the pressure of the Jacketed kettle stable and the temperature stable during operation.

(2) Overpressure operation is strictly prohibited.

(3) Do a good job of pre-shift, mid-shift and post-shift inspection, timely detection of irregularities in the Jacketed kettle equipment and timely measures to deal with them.

(4) Master the handling of emergencies and take emergency measures to stop the operation of the jacketed pot when a malfunction occurs and safety is seriously threatened, and report to the relevant departments.