colloid mill diagram

The colloid mill is a super particle processing equipment that relies on sheer force to crush the fluid finely. The colloid mill consists of a grinding disc and a grinding surface. The material is emulsified and destroyed by the strong friction force through the gap between the two parts, and the homogeneity is up to 92%. The structure of the equipment is simple, easy to maintain, and at the same time, it integrates the multiple functions of the homogenizer, ball mill, mixer, and other machinery.

According to the structure, the colloid mill can be divided into the vertical colloid mill, horizontal colloid mill, and split colloid mill; the following colloid mill diagram.

colloid mill diagramcolloid mill diagram

A colloid mill is a machine that is used to reduce the size of particles in a suspension. The mill uses a rotating blade to shear the particles, and a static plate to hold them in place. The particles are reduced in size by the shearing force, and they are also broken up by the centrifugal force that is created by the rotation of the blade. The size of the particles can be controlled by the speed of the rotation, and the gap between the blade and the plate. The colloid mill is used in a variety of industries, including the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

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