What are the uses of blending tanks in the industry?

Stainless steel blending tank, also known as mixing tank, configuration tank, blending tank is mainly used for dairy products and sugar and other elements and a variety of drugs and then with the role of mixing evenly, with the advantages of energy saving, corrosion resistance, strong production capacity, easy cleaning, simple structure, is an indispensable equipment for dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical plants. Stainless steel blending tank drives the stirring paddle, and can be assembled and disassembled and cleaned, and there are two openable cylinder cover for cleaning, the bottom of the cylinder is inclined, easy to empty, the other two inlet, can be connected with the pipeline, easy to continuously into a variety of ingredients, the following with the outlet, the discharge is closed, to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.blending tanks

Stainless steel blending tank

Stainless steel blending tank has heating, cooling and heat preservation, stirring function. It is widely used for mixing and blending in dairy, food, biological engineering, beverage, fruit wine, daily chemical, pigment, grease and other industries. The blending tank plays a pivotal role in the beverage production line, and is a necessary equipment for each production line. Juice beverage production line, tea beverage production line, protein beverage production line, health beverage production line and other beverage production lines are inseparable from the stainless steel blending tank, stainless steel blending tank is an important role in the production line.

Stainless steel blending tank is mainly for mixing, blending, blending, homogenization, etc. Stainless steel blending tank according to the requirements of the production process design structure and configuration can be standardized machine humanization. Blending tank in the mixing process can be achieved in the feed control, stirring control and other manual, automatic control, etc.. The structure of blending tank consists of stirring tank body, stirring tank cover, stirrer, support, transmission device, bearings, etc. The materials used can be made of stainless steel or carbon steel according to different process requirements. Due to the different requirements of the user's production process, the stirrer can be configured in a variety of forms such as slurry, anchor, frame, spiral, etc.