Stainless steel fermenter cleaning precautions

Stainless steel fermenter in the production process, it is easy to produce a lot of dirty substances, such as the accumulation of a certain amount of dirt on the walls of the tank. To ensure the safe production of materials, the fermenter needs to be cleaned after each use of the stainless steel fermenter. We need to pay attention to the following six points in the cleaning process.

Stainless steel fermenter

1, when cleaning the fermenter, be sure to pay attention to the unique soft brush to clean so as not to damage the surface of the fermenter.

2, regular replacement of lubricants to ensure everyday use and tank life.

3, in the case of long-term non-use of the fermentation tank, it should be cleaned promptly; drain the fermentation tank and the residual water in each pipe to ensure that the future is commonly used.

4, when the inlet and outlet pipeline connections leak, tightening the street still can not solve the problem, so we should consider whether to replace the filler.

5, in the cleaning, should pay attention to the instrument panel; electrical equipment can not be in contact with water to prevent lousy water immersion.

6, in the fermentation process, must be kept clean, the table to stay clean, used things in time to clean up, to facilitate future use.

The above six points are the stainless steel fermentation tank cleaning precautions. Hengdong stainless steel fermentation tank is the leading equipment for chemical products to achieve chemical reactions and is now widely used in beverage, chemical, food, dairy, brewing, and other industries.