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customer case of vacuum emulsion tank shampoo

 In August last year, a customer ordered 8 vacuum emulsification tank equipment from our company for the shampoo production line. The customer is a well-known domestic manufacturer of anti-dandruff shampoo, and its shampoo is a mid-to-high end product on the market.

vacuum emulsion tank

In the process of producing shampoo, it is necessary to use stirring equipment such as electric drill mixer and emulsion tank, which indirectly determines the grade of the product. The mixing equipment used before was an electric drill mixer. Although it can mix and stir materials, the treated products are prone to excessive foaming and precipitation. This is caused by the electric drill mixer stirring too shallow, not thorough enough. And because of poor sealing, it is easy to cause bacterial contamination of materials. The use of an emulsifying tank can effectively avoid this situation.

The vacuum emulsification tank ordered by the customer integrates high-speed shearing, dispersing, homogenizing, mixing and crushing, and the tank is mirror-polished and has no sanitary corners. Its fully enclosed design ensures that the production mate