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Application of emulsification equipment in the beverage industry

In the fruit juice of the fruit juice turbid type, the pulp is disperse medium and the juice is a dispersion medium. In order to fully fuse the two, in addition to the addition of stabilizers, high shear emulsification pumps are used for shearing and mixing. Thereby, the radius of the suspended particles in the juice and the liquid becomes small, and the surface area becomes large. As the number of collisions increases, the particles become more easily polymerized and reach a stable system.

emulsification equipment

The homogeneous emulsification process of fruit and vegetable juice is a more complicated process of fluid dispersion and mixing. Different materials, different specific mechanisms, require different processes. Fruit and vegetable juices have great differences in the effect of homogenizing emulsification due to special material characteristics, product stability and uniformity requirements.

The high-shear emulsification pump has a good homogenization and dispersion effect on the solid particles and the liquid phase droplets in the juice. It allows the pulp, juice and liquid in the juice to be thoroughly refined and mixed to ensure the uniformity and fineness of the juice. In terms of stability, the solid particles and aggregates are sufficiently pulverized, and the droplets of the liquid phase are further dispersed and emulsified, so that the juice of the fruit and vegetable juice is stable, the state is uniform, and the mouth feels lubricated.