100L Household reflux still pot alcohol distillation tower equipment

100L Household reflux still pot alcohol distillation tower equipment

Capacity  100L~1000L 
Type  Industrial or domestic
material sanitary stainless steel and high precision copper
Application  Brandy, whisky, rum, vodka, white wine and various kinds of fruit wines are used to increase the alcohol content

home distillation tower equipment

Home distillation

distillation tower equipment

Household distillation tower equipment

     The product is suitable for: brandy, whiskey, rum, vodka, white wine and all kinds of fruit wine used to increase the alcohol level.

     This product extracts high-purity alcohol with reasonable temperature, volatility, and can separate the head, middle and tail according to 

     requirements through manhole or automatic setting of equipment operation mode. It is beautiful in appearance and durable, and is used by wineries, 

     wineries and wine houses.Common models of Charente distillation units are: 60 liters ~ 5000 liters, customized according to customer output.

     Brandy manufacturing process:

     When the alcoholic fermentation process is over, white wine must be distilled into white wine.

     Since the birth of Cognac, the distillation process has not changed, and the old Charente pot distillation method, that is, the double distillation method, is still used.

     Distillation process

     The distillation is divided into two steps:

     Step 1: Obtain the first distillate, "crude wine", which contains approximately 28% to 32% alcohol.

     Step 2: Put the first distillate back into the distiller for the second distillation to obtain the second distillate, namely "refined wine".

     Why distillation?

     Alcohol is the product of the fermentation of fructose and glucose in fruits. Alcohol is mixed with many different compounds, and these compounds must be screened.

     Depending on the volatility of these compounds, distillation is the process of doing this screening. The last strong volatile substances left in the water of life are the main factors that 

     make up the aroma of wine. What kind of wine is used for distillation?

     The acidity of the wine is relatively high, and the alcohol content is low, so it can be easily stored naturally and the aroma can be better concentrated during the distillation process.

     Distiller The distillation is carried out twice in the distiller, using the traditional "Charente" distillation process. The shape of Charente pot still is very characteristic, a bit 

     like olive or onion, the bottom is directly heated by fire, a curved tube protruding above is connected to the serpentine tube, and finally connected to the condenser.


1. With export standard bubble film packaging, then for wooden case packaging for alone beer tanks and less brewery equipment.-LCL shipping.
2. If more tanks or complete set of brewery, with bubble film packaging, the for containers for FCL shipping.
3. By bulk carrier or independent containers, the size and quantity rely on the configurations and capacity.

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