wine fermentation tank
Stainless Steel wine fermentation tank

wine fermentation tank  's introduction 

Jhenten's tank is according to ourself process method .

The material is used of high quality stainless steel SS304 or SS 316L (customer 's requirement).

This blending tank is according to JB4735-1997 Produce ,test and use. And it is comply with GMP requirement .


Jhenten adopt argon arc welding to eliminate the welding pressure .

Top head and bottom head is shapedby water pressure that can assure sanitary .

All surface are smooth and no roughness .



·     Brewery tanks from 2-barrels/2.3-hectoliters to 200 barrels/234-hectoliters

·     Finishing: mirror polishing or 2B or Matt polished

·     Insulation: PU foam jacket on the side and bottom

·     Material: high quality stainless steel 304 surface

·     Our standard tank design features custom-built true shadowless manways and separate CIP and blow off tubes.

·     Our 3mm sidewall and 2mm cladding is available in a number of different finishes.

·     Our tank interiors are a 2B finish and sterile polished to 440 grit.

·     Our engineers can custom design tanks and vessels to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

·     Quality certificate system: ISO9001:2008,CE.


The detailed design is according to site dimension and technical requirement to design .