mixing tank
Double impeller Mixing Tank

Main construction:

1. Driving motor with reducer and speed adjusting handle 

2. No thermometer

3. SUS304 well mirror polished body;

4. No liquid lever meter

5. SUS304 mixing blades on shaft

6. No bottom blade

7. 3 pcs SUS304 support legs

8. Liquid inlet hole

10. SUS304 mixing shaft

11. Liquid outlet hole

12. Manual handle of side open cover



Main Technology data:

1. Volume: 100L--20000L

2. Thickness: 3mm--10mm

3. Type: Flat easy open top with both sides, flat bottom, single layer.

4. Main material: SUS304; SUS31L

5. Max working temperature: 150ºC

6. Motor speed: 1400R/M Speed ratio: 1:15 Mixing shaft speed adjustable: 20-93 R/M

7. Motor power: 1.1KW-22kw

8. Motor waterproof rating: IP54