Falling Film Evaporator
Falling Film Evaporator
By Adopting the falling film evaporation form, the equipment is used for concentration and evaporation of fruit and vegetable juices and other heat sensitive materials. The equipment is mainly composed of evaporator , separator, condenser etc. It is widely used for concentration and dehydration in food , biology, pharmacy, chemical industry etc.
The evaporation system can be made up of single-effect,2-effect,3-effect,4-effect,5-effect,6-effect according to the property of compressed material and customer's request.
It can be also used together with the forced circulation evaporator and crystallizer to deal with the concentration and product crystallization of high viscous and easy scaled material.
It is characterized by high efficiency of heat conduction, low power consumption etc.
It can widely use the waste heat (such as the drier's hot air and flue gas), the remaining heat (of condensing water, process water and flash steam) to form a waste heat evaporation machine unit.

Falling Film Evaporator

1.Full closed process, fast and low temperature evaporation; Can be combined with the forced circulation evaporator/crystallizer;
2.Large scale of concentrate ratio as the products between the different effects can recycle separately, so the concentrate ratio can be regulated in large scale;
3.The equipment is equipped with CIP cleaning system;
4.Type : from single effect to 8 effect;
6.Multi heating source: Steam/ conductive oil/hot water
7.Save steam/power
 The system can be customized, please send the full requirement to us (Jason@ace-chn.com) that we can give you a complete solution.